change of add…

January 26, 2009 at 3:22 pm (goodbyes) ()

i most probably will be moving to a new house in a month or 2.

but for now… i m referring to a change of venue in blogs. i m moving back to blogspot. but somehow, when it’s time to really move, i feel a tinge of bereftness if that makes any sense whatsoever.

anyhows, head on to

i think i’ll maintain wordpress for my more emo and depressing, super private entries =p

hopefully 2009 will present itself to be atruly new year. a new year of beginnings.. of hopes and dreams that will materialise.. a year of great happenings and definitely bountiful in good and sweet memories!!!


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what’s it with bkt???

January 18, 2009 at 4:00 am (rant) ()

i can never understand the obsession most GUYS seem to have with bkt(bak kut teh)?? i mean.. when young, it was my dad who would always take us every sat for bkt in klang, in ss2, near loong foong and anywhere n everywhere that serves it. All i eat is the yau cha guai and drink the soup with my rice. So, i don’t get much kick out of a meal of bkt. then again, it seems i dun seem to get much kick out of anything.

and then came my bf who also almost always wanted to have bkt for his meal ie lunch during uni times and his friends joined in too with the bkt frenzy. seriously, i was just plain sick of bkt!! =p bleh.. even when i went to aussie as that time my bf was living with his malay housemate hence, no PORK! so, we had to go over to another friend’s house to cook bkt! urgh!! bkt again!!

and now.. my colleagues are into this too..

ok. gtg. will say more on this later on when i do have the time to…

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i hate u

January 14, 2009 at 3:42 am (feelings) (, )

i feel so hurt rite now but what’s the point in saying things that i just very well might regret later on? i cannot fathom how u can say n do the things u said n did. but i m the loser, as usual.

worse part is, i have to wake up in less than 5 hours but it’s hard to sleep especially sporting a headache, tummyache from 4-5pm til now and a heartache for the what?? trillionth time??

i think u re a genius at trampling hearts and smashing it into a billion pieces. i think i could even write an entire novel on it or perhaps come out with a hit song on that.

it’s funny how ppl u care most are the ones that will hurt u the most.

it’s funny how one is supposed to stop n think before one speaks but the other person will just sputter hateful and hurtful words with nary a thought of and for ur feelings.

how can ppl say the things they do in the heat of the moment or in anger and rage n then expect ppl to forget? words once spoken can’t be taken back.

i wonder why i stick up with all the nonsense all these years. am i making a mistake? or perhaps i m living the mistake over and over and again?

perhaps, i m a weak fool. i fear change and i hate the unknown. i doubt hope but still hope in vain.

u re riding on the waves where else i m an ostrich with it’s head stuck in the sand.

some kind of new year this is turning out for me.

ppl say,“at least u r safe n unharm… “

but the question is… “am i really?? if only…..”

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my hols so far…

December 27, 2008 at 10:16 pm (musing) ()

Just a little recap of my wonderful break from work so far. I only wished that I really didn’t have to go back. January is going to be a crying month for me. *sigh*



PRECHRISTMAS HOLS at Penang was awesome albeit short. As I blogged previously, I had the privilege of yummy food. If you want a variety of hawker food, head to “Sua Tow lane” in the city which has char koay teow to “fried oh jien” (omelet with lala) but the pai tee wasn’t that tasty at all! I really liked the prawn mee though with maggie mee instead of the typical egg noodle.



JOGOYA was where we went on christmas eve. super happy the bf is back! we just relaxed the day he was back and of course, being a food lover, he decided that he wanted to go to Jogoya for it’s famous buffet spread and especially the fresh oysters. And so, I braved the KL jam for an hour in my trusty blue proton, Edward just so the bf could whet his appetite. However, it wasn’t as good as he remembered it or perhaps aussie’s fresh oyster has spoilt it for him! *hehe*

cameron highlandsCHRISTMAS HOLS
so far has been reallllly relaxing. All we’ve done so far is sleep, watchëd “criminal minds”and hanged out at starbucks surfing, blogging and facebooking. Man. I so really am dreading work after all this leisure and taking things easy.. *sigh*

There’s so much more I want to do and so many more places I want to go. Malacca, Genting Highlands, Singapore etc and so many people to meet up like NiNi etc. Well, one more week to truly enjoy my holiday and also my bf before it’s back to work! *yikes*

And with the coming new year fast approaching signifying the end of the Rat year, I’ve been thinking of my 2009 resolutions and aims and goals. I mean, the rat year wasn’t any spectacular or fantastic and neither did anything significant transpired! Which brings me to hoping that somehow maybe the ox year might be better for a little tiny rat’s fate.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!!

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feliz navidad

December 25, 2008 at 11:19 pm (random) ()



for the clueless, “feliz navidad” means MERRY CHRISTMAS in Spanish! Itl literally means “Happy Nativity” as per Wikipedia. If ever i dunno something, i’ll just google it and voila! i get the answer or sth related to whatever i m looking for.

feliz navidad!

feliz navidad!

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tis d season to be jolly….

December 24, 2008 at 12:50 am (musing)

ON A GREAT WEEKEND at Penang and Ipoh. had char koay teow. teh ping. prawn noodles. popiah. pai tee. and did i mention char koay teow?? hehe. too bad i didn’t manage to get tambum piah from soon hiang at jln kuantan. they were sold out as usual. detoured to ipoh was fun too for food and shopping. however, this round i bought less stuff. just a pair of wegdes for rm30. my mum on the other hand had a happy shoe shopping spree and bought a total of 5 pairs of shoes!!!

ON GIRLY COUSINS this time round, i had a really bonding girly session with my cousins chitchatting til 2am, shopping and make up  session, nail polishing session too! we watched movies til 4am in the morn and were in a daze the next day! my super smart cousin was really funny with her cute antics especially when i scratched her palms.  she”ll start squealing in an endearing matter. Boy, my cousins have all grown up from those tiny lil girls to the now young ladies and we were pondering on our “male cousins” and their wayward thinkings!

ON DRIVING and how i super love to speed! i know i know. it’s not safe but somehow i can’t seem to endure driving at 100km/hr etc. somehow, as we cruise along the highway, the meter will just rise 101km… 110km… 140km… 160km… and the idiot in front of me will be crawling at a snail pace! well, snail pace for the fast lane!! EVERYONE knows that right lanes are for ppl who are speeding and those who prefer to drive like a snail at a leisurely pace should stick to the left lanes but NOOO… ppl who love hogging the roads will just crawl at their tortoise pace on my right lane! and here i m having to put my signal indicating i want to overtake! my mum lagi ganas, she’ll just flash her highbeams!!

MALAYSIAN DRIVERS are the best! (and for the dense, i mean the “best” in sarcastic tone) Because 80-90% do not know how to drive courteously and smartly. They just switched lanes at their whims and fancy and most of the times without putting on their signals which makes me wonder why does car manufacturers even waste money and time putting it in, right? The worst ones are those that you have to jam break for cos they decide to suddenly cut to your lane out of nowhere with no indication whatsoever! Then there are those who crawl like turtles and even when ppl behind them “pressure” by driving super close to their bumpers, they still drive at their turtle pace. FOR CRYING OUTLOUD!!! just keep to the left lane and let the fast driver overtake la!!! OMG right?

CURTEOUS DRIVERS are still out there…  after all the BAD drivers one has the misfortune to come across there are the minority GOOD drivers who will thank you when you give way to them or when you gesture where ur car is to the other person who is looking for parking. i make it a point to give way to those who indicate they want to cut to your lane or at roundabouts when they are swerving past u to their lanes or when there’s no point to go further front because to do so, i’ll be in the yellow box or i’ll just be blocking everyone else. Instead, i’ll gesture for the other person to cross to the other side. man. why can’t ppl be civic minded? it’s not as if it’s a big a deal to be curteous rite? sheesh.

RELATIONSHIPS and people specifically can be downright inconsiderate and selfish at times and other times, they can take you forgranted and treat you callously. Sometimes, they only come to you when there isn’t anyone else or perhaps they tell you only part of certain things and it makes you feel that you are the best of friends or other times they asked why you don’t include them at all in some of your plans but the funny thing is they do it to you!!!

and it’s funny how it’s easier being objective in other ppl’s relationship. then again, i guess there should be no surprises seeing how in other ppl’s relationship, one’s feelings just aren’t involved at all! well, i really hope a certain someone would know just to let go. of course there will be pain and heartache but it will fade with time. it’s better this way then to cling on to something for affection and love but instead receive abominable treatment!

ok. once again, i blog like how i think. unorganised and unstructured.. thoughts flying all over the place.. anyways.. gotta head off to bed. big day tmr!! wheeee…

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sex and the city

December 12, 2008 at 12:28 am (reviews) (, )

charlotte, samantha, carrie and miranda

charlotte, samantha, carrie and miranda

i watched “Sex and the city” last weekend on dvd and was rather surprised that i liked it! i watched it with low expectations having read online the poor reviews although there were some ppl who raved how good the show was. well, i was surprised at the amount of shocking bits showcasing several nude scenes and imind u.. it’s not those parts that i liked ok. ppl having a go at it and if u haven’t a clue as to what i m referring to… BLESS YOU for still having a pure heart and mind!!

basically, i liked the story line which evolves around 4 friends (i wish i had this kind of friends meet up etc kind of friendship!) and the different love aspects in each of their lives. The lines were witty and appealing at times yet of course crude the other times. The way Mr. Big proposed to Carrie at the ending part was just le sigh

the wedding

the wedding

seriously, if my bf ever proposed in such a super-duper romantic way, i swear i won’t nag/lecture/scold him for a year no matter what!! ok ok.. realistically speaking, 6months!

FIRST PROPOSAL Mr. Big went about it as if it was a business proposal- simple, concise and straight to the point! i was disgusted and probably would bludgeon my bf if he ever propose in such a fashion! Here’s the conversation that lead to the “proposal”…

Mr. Big: What do you think, kid?
Carrie Bradshaw: Why… do you want to get married?
Mr. Big: I want you. So. Okay
Carrie Bradshaw: Well, I wouldn’t mind being married to you. Would you mind being married to me?
Mr. Big: No, if that’s what you want? Is that what you want?
Carrie Bradshaw: We’re getting married.
Mr. Big: Should we get you a diamond?
Carrie Bradshaw: No, please, don’t get me a diamond… get me a really big closet.

i can’t find the quotes for the second proposal.. where he did it right and on one bended knee! it’s old school and perhaps a tad cliche yet so classic!



well, i would like a diamond ring and a really BIG closet!! =p

So, go watch the show but do forward the “18sx” scenes (man, i dunno how ppl are so unabashed with nudity.. i know we come from the cavemen times… but still????!!!) … however, i bet u probably would just watch it! tsk tsk…

rate: 4/5

ps: ok. i admit, those nude ppl do have “nice”looking bodies. ok. at least they look better than mine! perhaps that’s why they’re ok with the whole wide world seeing them in their bday suit! i mean can u imagine seeing danny devito in the nude or kennysia(no offense meant!) or even perez hilton?? well, not that any of us want to imagine lar.. but u get what i mean.

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December 10, 2008 at 10:36 pm (feelings) (, )

man. i don’t know why but i feel so exhausted. it’s as if i m going to fall ill soon and my body aches. i feel as if i did some major exercising or that i carried some really heavy stuff ytd and now my joints ache. came back home and slept immediately til 8ish and had dinner. wanted to clean my room or do some useful stuff but just feel literally bone weary tired.

who knows? might head off early to sleep. going to sg wang tmr again… must tahan the spending!!! i looooove buying clothes but not the part where i can’t fit into it or look frumpy =p

ps: can’t wait for 14days to pass… F-A-S-T!!! wheeee…..

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masquerade ball

December 8, 2008 at 1:59 am (musing) (, )

annual dinner was on friday,  held at oneworld hotel. the food wasn’t that great but i bet they charged a bomb, the company was only so-so unfortunately and due to me feeling uncomfy in my dress, i didn’t mingle much which is yet another regret… as usual.  felt rather frumpy somehow and conscious =( d dress was brilliant but i wasn’t.

last year, i boycotted the annual dinner with 2 fellow colleagues to skip all the hassle of shopping ard for the dress and the mask, spending the money on the dress and the mask when i eventually found it and also yet another hassle of doing up the hair. So, we decided to skip annual dinner and went shopping, watched a movie and had dinner instead!! which was seriously more fun!

i got my hair done nearby my house and as usual, the outcome wasn’t exactly what i wanted. in fact, it looked like my 2006 annual dinner hairstyle. however, the back part actually looks super chun! unfortunately, i can’t post a pic of that cos the only ones i have of the back part of my hair are me in my towel. so, too bad!

well, surprising and well a diff part of the evening was that i was nominated best dress by the organisers. i wasn’t nominated cos i was pretty/chun or that my costume was super outstanding. most girls were in black or simple gowns although they were super chun with svelte figures. not only that, my colleague mentioned that others were too shy to have their pics taken and seeing that i had my pic taken, i was one of the nominees and had to walk on stage and wave my hands etc. was a trifle embarassing but it was cool to win a prize even if it was a consolation.

well, that’s hoping i’ll eventually slim down for the next one or by my wedding… in the future la… haha.. =p

annual dinner 2008

annual dinner 2008

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masquerade masks

December 1, 2008 at 8:29 pm (musing) (, )

with the annual dinner theme being “masquerade ball”, it would be appropriate to go with a mask in hand. i saw several at teddy tales, 1u but none that fit my gown. silly me bought a silver one which my sis says is toooooo overdone as in “gua cheong” and i also bought a plain white one. if i can perhaps do sth nice with the white one, i just might use that instead. undecided.

been googling some masks and there are actually a few simple yet elegant ones that hopefully maybe i can make mine turn out that way. wondering if i should make the base black or leave it white!! aarghh… why can’t someone make a mask for me too like kris’ cousin!!! hehe.. *hint hint*!!!

elegant and classy

elegant and classy





oooh feathers..

oooh feathers..



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