in 10 hours time…

October 30, 2008 at 10:50 pm (countdown, feelings) ()

i m going back to a place where i really dread. it is a place where i learn about racism, favourtism, how important it is to have good PR cos it definitely lets u off the hook of tai chi-ing work to others and the lack of support and mostly the lack of appreciation and recognition of hardwork!

i think that sometimes, managers and partners are so caught up in their own politics that they dun give a toot forget the welfare and wellbeings of their staff or else they just put on a show of caring. i believe that a manager or partner should stand by their staff against the client no matter what! if the staff had erred or blundered etc, then they should be reprimanded by the manager/partner and not the manager/partner using the staff as a scapegoat and placate the client by agreeing and promising anything under the sky.

if they do that, then where is the independence? and does it not then defeat the very foundation of what we are supposed to be doing and upholding in our line of work? then again, what we’re taught in theory in uni, in our so-called-professional examintations (ie CPA, ACCA, ICAEW etc), our in house training are just nothing but words as it so very often isn’t practiced in reality.

i guess ppl are just susceptible to the dark side. it’s just in our nature to be sinful.

and it’s even sadder that ppl embrace it and dun care of the ultimate consequence of where they might end up eventually for eternity.

anyhow, i seem to have digress once again. i m still trying not to dwell for dwelling will only lead to dark and gloomy thoughts… so, i’ll just have to take one day at a time.

hopefully, tmr i dun have to go out.


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10 days left!!!

June 24, 2008 at 1:54 pm (countdown) ()


10days left…

no work.

no clearing queries.

no managers/client calling or chasing for anything.

just me, bf and the world!!! or more like brisbane!!!

can’t wait! can’t wait!!!


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