what message are we sending out???

September 13, 2008 at 2:48 am (politics) (, )

i truly don’t understand.

I just got back from a mooncake celebration with fellow colleagues and heard from my bf the news and rushed online to read the star. It would seem that…

Ahmad Ismail made the “comments” and after that big HOO HAA, he was suspended by UMNO and stripped of his post for 3 years.


Malaysia Today’s editor- Raja Petra, DAP’s Teresa Kok and Sin Chew’s reporter- Tan Hoon Cheng was arrested on Friday, 12 September 2008 under ISA and for?

“Blogging about the obvious state of the country?”

“Asking for an apology when a wrong was deemed to have occured?”

“Defending or acting in the public’s interest?”

“Reporting what was said by a person who was callous with his words?”

My simple mind fails to comprehend. Before our general elections in March 2008, I was never one to follow the news or rather politics cause it was then somewhat portrayed as dull and mundane. However, with the way things are going, I am just trying to understand or rather digest what on earth is going on in Malaysia Politics with all the scandals and retardedness.

I mean, in my simple mind, correct me if i am wrong BUT wasn’t it Ahmad Ismail who made the statement FIRST and never apologised and further fueling the situation by demanding apologies from the reporter etc? How is it that he just gets suspended for 3 years (and with him saying he can still serve the party through different posts) where else Teresa Kok and Tan hoon Cheng are arrested under ISA?

It’s like punishing the youngest child for saying that mummies and daddies in the world are useless and suck but disowning the older sister for reporting the incident and the older brother for demanding an apology.

For those who don’t know what is ISA (Internal Security Act).. here’s a mini write up on it as taken from this site.

“The Internal Security Act 1960 (ISA) is a preventive detention law in force in Malaysia. Any person may be detained by the police for up to 60 days without trial for an act which allegedly prejudices the security of the country or any part thereof.

The ISA has been consistently used against people who criticise the government and defend human rights. Known as the ‘white terror’, it has been the most feared and despised, yet convenient tool for the state to suppress opposition and open debate. The Act is an instrument maintained by the ruling government to control public life and civil society.

The ISA goes against the right of a person to defend himself in an open and fair trial. The person can be incarcerated up to 60 days of interrogation without access to lawyers.”

What message are we telling the people? the nation? people overseas? our current and potential investors and especially foreign investors? Isn’t this contributing negatively to an even unstable economy? Are we kamikaze-ing? Why are the people in power who are supposed to represent and govern us NOT making Malaysia a better nation? Why are the crucial matters not being addressed BUT things that are insignificant ARE being blown out of proportion?

Let us not play into the hands of those that want our nation’s downfall. Let us reign in our emotions, think twice before giving in to the beast within us that cries out “injustice”! That is why with all the hoo haa going on, we must stay calm, rational and keep our wits about ESPECIALLY right now in times of political and economical instability.

Do not let there be a repeat of May 1969. Not only many Chinese were massacred but even Malays and definitely Indians were also victims. Think of YOUR loved ones… your parents, your family or even your friends and colleagues of different races and the times you’ve had together. That’s got to count for something.

Let us try not to see ourselves as individuals… as Malays or Chinese or Indians but as MALAYSIANS!!

After all, isn’t that what we call ourselves to begin with?


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and the drama ends… or does it?

September 11, 2008 at 10:52 pm (politics) ()

and so, finally Ahmad Ismail (aka Mr. Ah MAD in kennysia’s blog) apologised.

WAIT-A-MINUTE… he didn’t… did he?

NOPE. He didn’t. Up to date, he still refuses to retract his “intelligent” remarks and apologise. However, UMNO has suspended and stripped him of his post for 3 years as reported in The Star online today. I guess taking an action than no action is better.  

He on the other hand may have accepted the decision as “God’s will” but promises to make a comeback as reported in The Star today.

“In politics there are leaders and fighters. As a fighter, there are sacrifices and risks. If you are afraid of the ocean waves, don’t build your house on the beach.

“Being struck by waves is normal but this time it was a tsunami (that hit me).

“But I have a long time, three years, to build a stronger house. I will build it on the same site. I will stay on with Umno, my party,”.

Hence, the drama is to be continued…

Curtesy of kennysia

Curtesy of kennysia

Kennysia has portrayed the whole debacle or rather drama in cartoon version AND somehow, only Kennysia would come up with something like this…

kennysia the cartoonist

kennysia the cartoonist

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Malaysia MPs, pls grow up??!!!

September 6, 2008 at 6:15 pm (politics) ()

merdeka! merdeka! merdeka!

merdeka! merdeka! merdeka!

Despite Malaysia’s 51st Merdeka anniversary just a week ago, I still don’t feel any excitement or patriotism. I mean, Merdeka celebration shouldn’t just be about ,”wah… Merdeka sale…”, “Merdeka holiday…”, “Merdeka fireworks!!” But mostly, that’s just it.

Shouldn’t I be proud of this country where i have lived all my life here in Malaysia. It is after all where I was born, where I went to primary and secondary school and I even did my tertiary education all here in Malaysia! I really do want to be proud of my country but…

It’s rather hard to be proud of a nation where MPs squabble like little children demanding apologies from left, right, up, down and centre! and those who are no longer in power adding their own “kayu” to the fire… Dr. M saying why must Malay leaders say sorry?

It all started when a genius from Bukit Bendera Umno Division Head- Dr. Ahmad Ismail made anunfavourable comment about the Chinese in one of his “empowering” speeches and was asked to apologise but was and is presently now still refusing to apologise! and the hoo haa continues on whereby he’s now demanding the press/reporter to apologise to him and his family as they took what he said out of context and blah blah blah which is utterly ridiculous! Journalists are saying that they did not misheared!

the infamous ahmad ismail

the infamous ahmad ismail

I mean, Malays make racist comments about non Malays, it’s ok? That seems to be the message and besides, saying SORRY isn’t going to change anything. Seriously, looking at how things are turning out, he’s not one bit apologetic at all! So, if a non Malay makes racist comments against the Malays, don’t expect any apologies. Then again, I am sure things will be blown out of proportion and then there will be another big hoo haa and who should apologise to who once again.

It’s downright childish, go read the star online… I mean, aren’t there more pressing matters to be discussed/settled ie fuel hike, inflation, looking recession, the mongolian who was murdered and every other murder cases, corrupted government officials, disgusting toilet conditions and environment, the ppl’s welfare?

one would think after the elections, BN would do something to get back the ppl’s favour but somehow, it seems as if they’re digging a deeper holes for themselves or those who supposedly represent BN. Either they naively think that they can’t be kicked out ever or they just think that the ppl are just too stupid to see for themselves. I mean, what do you expect the people to think when they read the current daily news?



Come on la, we’re in the 21st century and you guys go blocking Raja Petra’s blog and for what? Don’t you guys use the internet, close down a blog address and he can just plainly use another. Close that down, and another will sprout out. Then again, there are so many loopholes to counter this so-called-block! Anyways, why don’t they just block Dr. Ahmad’s mouth then. Same thing rite?

I mean, if you want to be treated with respect, then respect others first. Haven’t you all heard of “do unto others what you want others to do unto you”??

this year has just been full of events that shows how truly wonderful Malaysia politics are. It just makes one shrudder to think we’re being led by this so-called-leaders. At the end of the day, stop with all this Malay superior rights etc. Without the chinese and the indians, there would be no Malaysia of today, Without people ie Datuk Tony Fernandes and Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, Malaysia wouldn’t be where it is today. Think of Malaysia without Air Asia and Genting Highlands at the very least and tell me that it wouldn’t matter one bit to our economy!

air asia

air asia



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