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October 18, 2008 at 3:47 pm (food, musing) (, , , )

ha gao

ha gao

Just got back from dim sum with my two super great gal pals! it’s always a pleasure going out with both of them though today wen seems rather tense-ish but ngee seemed rather happier or is it energetic??!!

anyways, we went to Summer Palace, off sprint highway just opposite san francisco steakhouse, damansara intan (if i m not mistaken) for DIM SUM as Wen kept saying about their lunch promotion offer from Mon-Sat and how good the dim sum was etc. and here i was wondering how yummy could it be.

It was yummilicious! Dim sum has never tasted so good. The siew mai consists of 2 prawns and a little bit of meat unlike the usual meaty meat siew mai. Even the prawn in the ha gao tastes so fresh. Wen recommended the lou sah pao and polo pao and it was jsut manifique!! superb!!

polo pao

polo pao

We first had the polo pao which is pastry like with custard in the centre and the lou sah pao had a filling of salty egg perhaps mixed with custard. It was not too salty neither was it very sweet. Just perfect. The centre was rather fascinating that Wen kept pressing it to see it oozing.  However, you got to eat the above while it’s hot/warm.

lou sah pao

lou sah pao

There has got to be chinese tea at every dim sum session and the chinese tea, ti kun yam was really simply yummy that you want to just keep sipping and drinking it. There is no after tea taste and neither was the tea bitterish.

Basically, once you enjoy the DIM SUM at Summer Palace, you’ll be deemed spoilt and other coffee shop-kind-of-dim sum will never taste yummy anymore. The texture and taste of the food and drink at Summer Palace is just so refine and not oily at all!

haha.. unfortunately, summer palace is not paying me for this review but i just wanted to recommend for those who might get stuck deciding what to eat during meal times. I prolly will bring my family there next Sat, if possible!

On a different matter, u know how i ve been trying to be more optimistic or change? well, it’s still an on going struggle and today while out for lunch with Wen and Ngee, something that Ngee said reminded me to be positive. We were asking her about her work and she mentioned how her short time in her job felt like a long time but still she keeps a positive outlook cos there’s no point in making urself miserable when u’re in it in the job which is true upon reflection. so, THANKS Ngee for the gentle reminder!

and that’s why on my “to-be-thankful-for” list is..

Thank you God that I have friends like Wen and Ngee whom although we just meet up once in awhile but our outings are ALWAYS enjoyable… filled with Wen’s quirky character and Ngee’s gentle and sweet demeanour! 

ps: pics were taken from my bf’s then but now mine canon ixus60! 


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