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December 8, 2008 at 1:59 am (musing) (, )

annual dinner was on friday,  held at oneworld hotel. the food wasn’t that great but i bet they charged a bomb, the company was only so-so unfortunately and due to me feeling uncomfy in my dress, i didn’t mingle much which is yet another regret… as usual.  felt rather frumpy somehow and conscious =( d dress was brilliant but i wasn’t.

last year, i boycotted the annual dinner with 2 fellow colleagues to skip all the hassle of shopping ard for the dress and the mask, spending the money on the dress and the mask when i eventually found it and also yet another hassle of doing up the hair. So, we decided to skip annual dinner and went shopping, watched a movie and had dinner instead!! which was seriously more fun!

i got my hair done nearby my house and as usual, the outcome wasn’t exactly what i wanted. in fact, it looked like my 2006 annual dinner hairstyle. however, the back part actually looks super chun! unfortunately, i can’t post a pic of that cos the only ones i have of the back part of my hair are me in my towel. so, too bad!

well, surprising and well a diff part of the evening was that i was nominated best dress by the organisers. i wasn’t nominated cos i was pretty/chun or that my costume was super outstanding. most girls were in black or simple gowns although they were super chun with svelte figures. not only that, my colleague mentioned that others were too shy to have their pics taken and seeing that i had my pic taken, i was one of the nominees and had to walk on stage and wave my hands etc. was a trifle embarassing but it was cool to win a prize even if it was a consolation.

well, that’s hoping i’ll eventually slim down for the next one or by my wedding… in the future la… haha.. =p

annual dinner 2008

annual dinner 2008


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