what’s it with bkt???

January 18, 2009 at 4:00 am (rant) ()

i can never understand the obsession most GUYS seem to have with bkt(bak kut teh)?? i mean.. when young, it was my dad who would always take us every sat for bkt in klang, in ss2, near loong foong and anywhere n everywhere that serves it. All i eat is the yau cha guai and drink the soup with my rice. So, i don’t get much kick out of a meal of bkt. then again, it seems i dun seem to get much kick out of anything.

and then came my bf who also almost always wanted to have bkt for his meal ie lunch during uni times and his friends joined in too with the bkt frenzy. seriously, i was just plain sick of bkt!! =p bleh.. even when i went to aussie as that time my bf was living with his malay housemate hence, no PORK! so, we had to go over to another friend’s house to cook bkt! urgh!! bkt again!!

and now.. my colleagues are into this too..

ok. gtg. will say more on this later on when i do have the time to…


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