anything anyone? or just whatever?

August 25, 2008 at 3:54 pm (drinks) (, )

you know how when it’s lunch time and you ask around your friends or colleagues where they would like to go for lunch/dinner and then there will be a chorus of “anything” lar or “whatever” lar.. and when someone finally do chooses a destination, then someone else will pop up and say they would prefer elsewhere and after 10mins or so of indecisiveness, we will all head to our destination.

it’s so common when questions arises such as “what would you like to eat?”, ” what would you like to drink?” etc and the common response is normally “anything” or “whatever”…

which brings me to what i wanted to blog about.. my bro and i was at 7-eleven several weeks back and he showed me an interesting selection of drinks on the shelf named “anything” and “whatever”! anything is carbonated where else whatever is non carbonated and as for what’s inside? beats me… u just never know. u could get perhaps orange flavour or tropical or strawberry or just about anything possible i guess!! so, head on down to 7-eleven outlets and check out this peculiar and interesting drink!

anything and whatever

anything and whatever


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