tis d season to be jolly….

December 24, 2008 at 12:50 am (musing)

ON A GREAT WEEKEND at Penang and Ipoh. had char koay teow. teh ping. prawn noodles. popiah. pai tee. and did i mention char koay teow?? hehe. too bad i didn’t manage to get tambum piah from soon hiang at jln kuantan. they were sold out as usual. detoured to ipoh was fun too for food and shopping. however, this round i bought less stuff. just a pair of wegdes for rm30. my mum on the other hand had a happy shoe shopping spree and bought a total of 5 pairs of shoes!!!

ON GIRLY COUSINS this time round, i had a really bonding girly session with my cousins chitchatting til 2am, shopping and make up  session, nail polishing session too! we watched movies til 4am in the morn and were in a daze the next day! my super smart cousin was really funny with her cute antics especially when i scratched her palms.  she”ll start squealing in an endearing matter. Boy, my cousins have all grown up from those tiny lil girls to the now young ladies and we were pondering on our “male cousins” and their wayward thinkings!

ON DRIVING and how i super love to speed! i know i know. it’s not safe but somehow i can’t seem to endure driving at 100km/hr etc. somehow, as we cruise along the highway, the meter will just rise 101km… 110km… 140km… 160km… and the idiot in front of me will be crawling at a snail pace! well, snail pace for the fast lane!! EVERYONE knows that right lanes are for ppl who are speeding and those who prefer to drive like a snail at a leisurely pace should stick to the left lanes but NOOO… ppl who love hogging the roads will just crawl at their tortoise pace on my right lane! and here i m having to put my signal indicating i want to overtake! my mum lagi ganas, she’ll just flash her highbeams!!

MALAYSIAN DRIVERS are the best! (and for the dense, i mean the “best” in sarcastic tone) Because 80-90% do not know how to drive courteously and smartly. They just switched lanes at their whims and fancy and most of the times without putting on their signals which makes me wonder why does car manufacturers even waste money and time putting it in, right? The worst ones are those that you have to jam break for cos they decide to suddenly cut to your lane out of nowhere with no indication whatsoever! Then there are those who crawl like turtles and even when ppl behind them “pressure” by driving super close to their bumpers, they still drive at their turtle pace. FOR CRYING OUTLOUD!!! just keep to the left lane and let the fast driver overtake la!!! OMG right?

CURTEOUS DRIVERS are still out there…  after all the BAD drivers one has the misfortune to come across there are the minority GOOD drivers who will thank you when you give way to them or when you gesture where ur car is to the other person who is looking for parking. i make it a point to give way to those who indicate they want to cut to your lane or at roundabouts when they are swerving past u to their lanes or when there’s no point to go further front because to do so, i’ll be in the yellow box or i’ll just be blocking everyone else. Instead, i’ll gesture for the other person to cross to the other side. man. why can’t ppl be civic minded? it’s not as if it’s a big a deal to be curteous rite? sheesh.

RELATIONSHIPS and people specifically can be downright inconsiderate and selfish at times and other times, they can take you forgranted and treat you callously. Sometimes, they only come to you when there isn’t anyone else or perhaps they tell you only part of certain things and it makes you feel that you are the best of friends or other times they asked why you don’t include them at all in some of your plans but the funny thing is they do it to you!!!

and it’s funny how it’s easier being objective in other ppl’s relationship. then again, i guess there should be no surprises seeing how in other ppl’s relationship, one’s feelings just aren’t involved at all! well, i really hope a certain someone would know just to let go. of course there will be pain and heartache but it will fade with time. it’s better this way then to cling on to something for affection and love but instead receive abominable treatment!

ok. once again, i blog like how i think. unorganised and unstructured.. thoughts flying all over the place.. anyways.. gotta head off to bed. big day tmr!! wheeee…


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