my hols so far…

December 27, 2008 at 10:16 pm (musing) ()

Just a little recap of my wonderful break from work so far. I only wished that I really didn’t have to go back. January is going to be a crying month for me. *sigh*



PRECHRISTMAS HOLS at Penang was awesome albeit short. As I blogged previously, I had the privilege of yummy food. If you want a variety of hawker food, head to “Sua Tow lane” in the city which has char koay teow to “fried oh jien” (omelet with lala) but the pai tee wasn’t that tasty at all! I really liked the prawn mee though with maggie mee instead of the typical egg noodle.



JOGOYA was where we went on christmas eve. super happy the bf is back! we just relaxed the day he was back and of course, being a food lover, he decided that he wanted to go to Jogoya for it’s famous buffet spread and especially the fresh oysters. And so, I braved the KL jam for an hour in my trusty blue proton, Edward just so the bf could whet his appetite. However, it wasn’t as good as he remembered it or perhaps aussie’s fresh oyster has spoilt it for him! *hehe*

cameron highlandsCHRISTMAS HOLS
so far has been reallllly relaxing. All we’ve done so far is sleep, watchëd “criminal minds”and hanged out at starbucks surfing, blogging and facebooking. Man. I so really am dreading work after all this leisure and taking things easy.. *sigh*

There’s so much more I want to do and so many more places I want to go. Malacca, Genting Highlands, Singapore etc and so many people to meet up like NiNi etc. Well, one more week to truly enjoy my holiday and also my bf before it’s back to work! *yikes*

And with the coming new year fast approaching signifying the end of the Rat year, I’ve been thinking of my 2009 resolutions and aims and goals. I mean, the rat year wasn’t any spectacular or fantastic and neither did anything significant transpired! Which brings me to hoping that somehow maybe the ox year might be better for a little tiny rat’s fate.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!!!


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