masquerade masks

December 1, 2008 at 8:29 pm (musing) (, )

with the annual dinner theme being “masquerade ball”, it would be appropriate to go with a mask in hand. i saw several at teddy tales, 1u but none that fit my gown. silly me bought a silver one which my sis says is toooooo overdone as in “gua cheong” and i also bought a plain white one. if i can perhaps do sth nice with the white one, i just might use that instead. undecided.

been googling some masks and there are actually a few simple yet elegant ones that hopefully maybe i can make mine turn out that way. wondering if i should make the base black or leave it white!! aarghh… why can’t someone make a mask for me too like kris’ cousin!!! hehe.. *hint hint*!!!

elegant and classy

elegant and classy





oooh feathers..

oooh feathers..





  1. Tofuskin Beauty said,

    Esther!!! Make me the gold base one!!! But with black feathers!!! I like

  2. goingkookies said,

    haha… very funnny =p

  3. Ami said,

    heyy that dainty mask is cute!
    any idea where i can find it to buy it?
    id love to wear it to prom
    its really unique

  4. Jamie said,

    The gold metal-like mask titled “dainty” here…well i think i’m in love, could u possibly tell me where this is from?

  5. Elizabeth said,

    i was searching for masquerade mask and came across your site. My dress is black and gold and fell in love w/ that gold and black mask. Where did you find these can you please Link me? Thanks soo much !!!!

  6. riianne said,

    can u tell me where i can get the sweet, elegant and classy, and the daity one cause i wanna make a dress with the mask

  7. emlee said,

    you made these? i love the all wire gold one.

  8. Loving the masks said,

    I know, kinda late commenting and all, but Prom at my school is Masquerade themed, and I’m having problems finding a mask. Where did you find the Danity one? It’s beautiful and would look great with my dress (which I have fully decided on the color of).

  9. kim said,

    im looking for masks for my prom our theme is masquerade and i really love the dainty gold one. can you please tell me where i can buy it or if you make them can i possibly get you to make that one for me. please email me at if you have any information on how i can get that mask.
    thank you!

  10. goingkookies said,

    Dear all,

    The above mask pictures were not made by me. I just got them off google.
    Sorry for the late replies as I no longer blog here but have move to

    If you’re looking for affordable masks, try any craft shops.. or shops that are the bargain kind or the ones that do parties. You usually can get a bunch of those kinds. For the nicer ones, they tend to be pricier. That, I have no current idea where to get them.


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