bye bye wkend

December 1, 2008 at 12:00 am (musing) (, , )

It’s almost the end of weekend and i have to say “hello” to weekdays… bluek =p

I had to forgo Frasers Hill with Mel (previously known as Lisa) to go hunting for my annual dinner dress! bleh and i was kind of dreading it thinking that i wouldn’t be able to find anything decent. I really wanted to hang out with Mel and her friends for a change but oh well. Came sat, made my way down to sg wang with my mum driving as she didn’t want me to rant on and on about the annoying malaysian drivers on the road which i tend to do while i drive. It absolutely drives my brother bonkers and my sister to cringe.

crazy drivers

crazy drivers

“aiyah… that supid guy simply cut lanes. Dunno how to drive wan is it? idioto!”

“i bet u that’s a typical woman driver la. simply drive. urrghh!! so annoying wan!!!”

“AAAARGHHH!!! stupid idiot! here i m cruising down n u cut my lane!!! i put indicator also dun let me go! omg la!! dunno how to drive DUN drive la!!!”

“ALL kopi- O license!!!”

However, with my mum behind the wheels, i still managed to meleter about the witless drivers on the road. *grins* i actually had a pretty good time shopping with my mum. i asked her if she wanted to look around for clothes for herself and she said she’ll come another time when she does need something and i told her the last time she said that was when we came to sg wang for my form5 prom shopping and that was 7 years AGO!!! *haha*

anyways, after about an hour, we came across a really tiny shop that was half closed by curtains and there were actually quite some nice dresses. somehow, my mum n i realised that each time we enter a shop, it’s empty. however, while we browsed or tried clothes, the shops starts to have load so of ppl which is kinda annoying cos it gets too crowded! guess we’re good attracters for business eh?

Well, i almost settled on a long red tube dress that looked really ball-ish and fit for a masquarade ball! but my mum’s sudden stomach ache n a need for the toilet led us away. after she settled her “business”, we walked for a bit more trying to find this particular shop where i bought my prom dress years ago but couldn’t seem to find it and stumbled upon this other shop.

similar to the dress i bought

similar to the dress i bought

initially, nth captured my attention and i wanted to drag my mum out but i thought just let her take her time. i kinda liked the dress on the mannequin and after my mum’s pursuation, i gave it a try and as it turns out, my mum said that it made me look slimmer than the earlier red one!

and well, as i was lazy to go hunting for more dresses and did i mention that i felt really grand in the dress! so, i bought it! of course, it would have looked better if i was slimmer. oh well. i dun mind recycling it for my future wedding dress cos it’s really sweet plus it’s white! *hehe*

now, if only i can find a nice, matching mask! any suggestions anyone??

okies.. that’s all for now. will post pics of my dress later on. heading off to read my novel and sleep.



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