kindred spirit

November 25, 2008 at 11:27 pm (musing) (, , )

kin·dred spir·it (plural kin·dred spir·its)


somebody like you in character: somebody who resembles somebody else in character, interests, and temperament

we laughed a lot… i ber-gila a lot… we chatted really til the wee hours of the morning…

went out with lisa last wk and last nite. somehow, we seem to have LOADS to talk about and can never seem to cover everything that we have to say =) it’s funny cos we’ve been out of touch since high school til now except for the occassional bump into’s and yet we can just click! or is it clique! anyway, i realised that our circumstances in life and relationship and thinking or even some little quirks are rather similar if not the same… it felt like she’s my kindred spirit.. a bestie that i ve always longed for… (haha.. hope i m not freaking u out wei =p)

we knew each other way back many years ago in our teens (where i hated her bf’s guts and he hated mine but she always sided me in the end.. nyek nyek) and our mum’s have known each other too from many many many moonlight years ago! in fact, we’ve always joked how we could have been cousins as her uncle sort of used to have a… shal we say.. a little tendre for my mum. then again, if that had ended in a happy ending, then i wouldn’t be here cos of different genes etc.

anyways, everytime she says sth that i SO can relate to, i’ll reach over in a gesture to shake her hand and when i say sth that she feels totally sama wavelength with… she’ll shake mine! hehe. it’s rather funny. and we’re both a bit chin chai where to go which can be good and yet bad especially when i went rounding esp ytd with ss2 pasar mlm. so, we headed to curve supposedly to go to nichii to hunt for my annual dinner dress but we were side tracked at borders til they kicked us out (haha.. cos the shop was closing la.. but we were somewhat “kicked out” of padini… hehe) and we headed to kayu’s for yam cha. 

talking to her abt lots of things amongst them were about relationships make me think back on mine. maybe i’ve been pushing those tots aside but sometimes, when u feel fed up or tired and unassured… one can’t help but wonder. i was saying to my mum how it seems that most guys seem contented with their gfs where else the gfs seem to grill the bf to change for the better perhaps in the sense of don’t smoke.. or dont’ drink so much.. or no tatoos etc.

and my mum said that it’s better to look for a guy that has already changed (ie dependable and reliable with good habits etc.) then be with a guy u keep hoping he’ll change bcos guys won’t change. ever. i really hope that’s not the case. if not, i min for a long haul…and a long rocky road of disappointments and sadness.

i will always tell my bf. “when i say u.. it’s not cos i want to pull u down or bring u down or downgrade u.. i say it cos i care.. if not, i wouldn’t waste my saliva seriously.” and seriously, if he really changes to be a better person, if we break up… i won’t gain from it but he will. cos he’s a better person. rite? i mean, i dun say, “hey, ure ugly.. do sth about ur face”.

when i say change.. i meant more along the lines like… mean what u say.. ur actions speak louder than words.. hence, walk ur talk. etc. oh well, some too “open” minded ppl will say too controlling la.. must close one eye and so on. no wonder ppl are turning out the way they are. somehow, openness seem to equate to looseness. then again, it’s a matter of perspective ay.

haha. too bad i dun have a pic of lisa (although i could get it off her fb) to post here. man. she said a lot of things to amused me and i said a lot of silly things back too that i wanted to blog but can’t seem to remember a blessed thing for the life of me. til the next time then…

btw, yeah.. i ve finished the novel.. so, shall pass it to u when i see u next k? =p


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  1. lisa said,

    hi. oh yes! we do ber-gila a lot huh? 😛 u noe wat? ur msg yesterday do keep thinking a while about wat im suppose to do. Let u noe my thoughts when i see u ok? 😉

    wah, so fast read finish? the book u bought on mon wor? sure u got go work or not or ponteng n stay at home reading the book! hahaha… c u soon! muaks!

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