God’s listening???

November 14, 2008 at 12:08 am (musing) (, , , , , )

although i have been dreading work, since being back, work isn’t really that bad yet cos…

1) i dun work late

2) i dun go to client’s place

3) i don’t deal with client

4) i don’t bring work home

5) i don’t have much to do. just read through last year’s work and familarise myself with the issues

did i mention that i get to go back early? plus… i don’t bring work home??? well, that’s just for this week. sure i have equally a lot to gripe and whine about (ie job allocation and no proper staff/assistant support) but i think as a step to trying to be positive, i shall refrain from ranting if possible. =) i guess perhaps God heard my plea.

i watched lots of movies this week… “accidental spy” (rating: 4/5) starring uma thurman and izzie’s denny duquette from grey’s anatomy which is the same guy who acted in “ps: i love you”. just love his sexy brogue… i think his irish or was it scots accent?? oooh.. just googled him and his name is Jeffrey Dean Morgan!!! 

“mama mia” (rating: 1/5) was rather disappointing. i mean, lots of ppl were raving about it. come on, they had abba hit songs… big name celebrities ie pierce brosnon, merryl streep, colin firth to a name a few but the whole show felt so comical-ish and the musical parts just fell flat. the broadway musical better be worth the hundreds that ppl pay for. i only watched to the end was to see who the dad was… but of course, we never did found out!

on to other movies. watched “007 quantum of solace” (rating: 3.5/5) last nite with wen. it was typical bond movie with lots of damage scene. not much sexual scenes/innuendos. basically, have no expectations and the show won’t be such a disaster. wen, who kept whacking and insulting me the whole nite didn’t like the movie but gushed about mamamia where else i was ok with 007 but really found mamamia a joke!

anyways, heading off to sleep. so, no more reviews for now though i watched a few others. 

sporting a headache. darn it! if only i could skip work tmr but i can’t. have to settle the issues discussed today with manager and client though it involved last year issues.

nite and cheerios!


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