another malang day…. @#$@$!^%^#

November 9, 2008 at 6:31 pm (rant) ()

1) it’s no longer my bday.
2) early morning, someone nag me… then few minutes later, yelled at me.

3) no mood to go shopping but promised sis, so we went to 1u, wanted park at the old wing jusco basement. mana tau, stupid 1u management or whoever smartly directed traffic to first avenue car park (one world hotel’s carpark)! and from there, you have to walk FREAKING far to the 1u lift and get off at B1 (we had to park at B3) and take a different lift to 1u! how stupid is that!!!??? and the lift takes ages to come to our floor!!!

it really makes me wonder how ppl who supposedly are the “management” get to be at that level in the first place when their actions show such stupidity!! if patrons can’t find parking, let us have the option of rounding the lot looking for a space! don’t force us to go to a different location and then make us walk super freaking far, in the humid heat and wait forever for the lift with no option of staircases! plus, leaves us susceptible to being robed or kidnapped and whatever not!

4) hp kena stolen! that’s the second time in less than 6 mths. super sui. maybe i won’t ever get one anymore.

5) can say more but what’s the point???!!!

now really LAGI no mood. it’s bad enough that it’s a sunday and tmr… it’s back to work! now, more malang crap? sigh. i think it’s just not my nature to be optimistic for long. maybe not where i m. maybe i need to break free from home… from work… start somewhere new.

then again, if only i have such luxury.



  1. Pretty said,

    What!?!?! You lost ur hp again!?!??!?! INCREDIBLE!!!

  2. Pretty said,

    Incredibly ‘sueh’

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