birthday list…

November 5, 2008 at 8:03 pm (musing) (, )

to all november babies!!

to all november babies!!

well.. it’s that time of the month where november babies are d celebrities of d month! *haha*

anyways, with mine coming up REAL soon (and with some ppl asking what i would like), it got me thinking.. there’s so much i want cos there’s so much i want to do… but i guess i’ll just settle for the below… *wink*

1) air ticket to brisbane for my bf’s graduation in dec (then again… prolly move this to the wishlist)

2) that i can resign and have a job i enjoy and that i m good at that pays?

3) seriously, if you can make me slim or just give me the formula to lose weight or slim down, i would be forever grateful!!

4) RM1million??? (why RM1million? that’ll be another entry for another day)

ok.. ok.. i m trying to think of something that is more practical within the budget.

5) perfume (not that fussy but NO citrus smelling ones)

6) a package for hair/facial? (i need grooming cos i look horrendous but it’s expensivek.. if a group shares then it won’t be that bad i guess)

7) that my bf was back or would be back soon

and as 8 is my favourite number as it is after all my birthdate…lastly,

8) all i really want is to have a good memory. a day of happiness and joy. a special day to spend with ppl who i care and who cares for me. to know that i have friends and not just “hi”, “bye” ones but friends who’ll stick through thick and thin.

most prob be hanging out with my colleagues who are planning a dinner for me and i hope that it’ll be a blast and i know definitely that it’ll be cos they won’t embarass me by doing the below…



ps: i m thankful that today was a pretty good day somewhat cos i got to stay in office, had an easy day and i got to leave at6pm! but the tough period is coming up and i m wondering how to weather the storm… a shot of perseverence and a jugful of optimism??!


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