to wordpress or to blogspot… that is d question!

October 30, 2008 at 1:47 am (feelings, musing, rant) (, , )

actually, in conjunction with my change of mindset from the super negative and pessimistic me to the cheery chirpy me, i have been thinking of changing the blog theme. when i was pessmistic, i felt that the current dark blue gloomy template suited my then gloomy thoughts and temperament very well. However, now it just looks tooo “gloomy”.

and i ve been thinking of actually joining nuffnang. they seem to be pretty hype and happening bunch with loads of really hip ideas! and i have been blogging since 2003 itself ay my previous blogspot account and yeah even if my blog may not have many readers (for now, that is)… there’s no harm in starting from somewhere rite? who knows what can happen in a year? just take a look at nuffnang’s short history to present success.. i mean, who knows what may even happen tmr

u just never know.

hence, i was checking out nuffnang’s site, to better understand their terms and conditions and from what i understand, it may be better for me to continue blogging at my previous blog in blogspot! and the funny thing is… i ve always preferred blogspot! i find it easier to post my pics… to use verdana font instead etc. u have to understand that i m not computer savvy watsoever. so, html is out of the question! i m the kind of person who just knows how to check her mail, surf the net, chat on msn and that’s basically about it. a real dumbo at computer staff or anything for that matter.

ok. i seem to have digress. as usual. so, the question is… “why did i change to wordpress instead?”, rite? it’s because of their privatise-an-entry-function! for blogspot, i can only set a limit to invited guests only to read my uninteresting and morbid entries as a form of protection to any unwanted readers where else with wordpress, i would be able to password protect specifically the entries i didn’t want certain ppl to read. i was ok with ppl reading certain parts of my entries but not all especially office ppl.

anyhow, with the terms set out, it would seem that i’ll be heading back to my blogspot account. we shall see how things goes.

ps: Sigh. Job allocation is out and i am thoroughly upset with my allocation. I must have pissed someone off to be assigned to a shitty job (or so i was told) til end of march and at the beck n call of the other dept’s senior (whom it seems might not be so nice or so i was told). and it is a possibility that i am to be the lab rat (as per a friend) experiment in the integration of jobs with the other dept. i really  don’t like their work-late-even-if-there-isn’t-a-need-to culture! this is SO going to put my “positive me” mindset to a test which at this moment i can feel my happy me wavering… and slipping…

and hence…

Dear God,

please grant me the serenity to accept the things that i cannot change;

courage to change the things that i can; 

and the wisdom to know the difference.


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