on exams and the aftermath…

October 26, 2008 at 12:05 am (musing, studies) (, )

ON EXAMS… so, i had my first exam (CGA) for this semester on friday and well, i didn’t have enough time to complete the questions. Despite the fact that i could answer the questions, there is a 50% possibility of me failing. *haha* and if i do fail, i get a free dinner from anne!! =p however, if she passes (which we ALL knows that she will), i get a free dinner from her!! so, who knows? i may get 2 free dinner meals!! must start planning where to go for my free dinners… *hehe*

after the exam at Matrade exhibition centre- Jalan Khidmat Usaha, Lyn and i made our way to 1u’s Daves to meet our emo colleague Kris… *haha* ok ok… kidding la… to meet the “gang”. After that, the bunch of crazy peeps decided to go to Neway for karaoke (and dragged me a long) despite Red Box at Curve (which was only like WAT??? 10mins drive away??!!!) having a better selection of songs.

POST 1ST EXAM… Friday nite karaoke-ing is utter MADNESS!! it’s crazy EXPENSIVE ok!!! Approximately RM46++ (RM69 per person after taxes…crazy k) from 10pm til 2am. nevertheless, it was fun!! we sang chinese songs (FIR, melodi sang by sheila majid and some chinese dude, super lots of emo chinese songs that i have no idea what the titles are), english songs ranging from love songs by mariah carey, old school bands’-backstreet boys, michael learns to rock, westlife to venting-anger-screaming linkin park’s one step closer and of course, malay songs by peter pan and my jaclyn victor’s gemilang! i think if we had known any indian songs, we would have had a go at it.




ON KARAOKE at NEWAY… highlights of the nite would be:

1) alan n lyn without mikes are WAAAAAY louder than all of us with mikes!!

2) two of them happily playing some “chi chi chi ba” drinking game whilst some of us were singing, and based on highlight no.1, they really DROWNed out our melodious voices with their crazy chantings of “chi chi ba”.. and apparently, that is the Hong Kong way of karaoke!! *haha* yeah rite.. =p

3) diva lyn singing her “Through the rain” by mariah carey with total abandonment! and she just makes me less reserved/shy to sing what with her lack of inhibitations basically, tak tau malu-ness!! =)

4) starting off the nite with abba’s dancing queen!! it was LEGENDARY (as barny from “How i met your mother” would say) ok ok.. SUPERBLY awesome!! with ALL 8 of us screaming singing on top of our lungs like there was no tomorrow..

5) alan n kris snorring sleeping away counting million of sheeps in oblivion WHILST kokie (as per lyn) and alex found release for their frustrations in true Linkin Park style to “One step closer”!

6) lyn, me n yokey (as per kris) really got high to FIR’s “Get High!”… it was a super energetic, pumped up song! and both of them proceeded to end the nite (almost or past 2am) with several super emo songs from some TVB drama series much to the consternation of alex who wanted to go back then…

ON A CHANGE OF MINDSET… i really had a blast… and yes, being positive really helps me to be a happier person. there was a point where i kind of felt a bit not-into-the-mood (during dinner) but i told myself to hang in there, don’t be sensitive, don’t let what others do/don’t do affect me and just make the best out of it! and hey… i did had a good nite as opposed to past experiences! =) like i said… it was a B-L-A-S-T!!

and today.. i m pratically cheery chirpy to the point that someone commented on facebook if i took happy pills!! and that’s not even experiencing my chirpiness personally, face-to-face! FYI, i don’t need alcohol or any kind of drugs to be high!! *haha* even the shopowners at digital mall smiled A LOT to me prolly tapping into my aura of happiness… but i m wondering how they can sense my cheeriness. hmmm….

perhaps, there is a “glow” on my face that SHOUTS “cheery chirpy”!!! and practically oozing out of me pores…

ps: to every good, there is the bad… chilly pan mee for lunch and tom yam for dinner induced pain and”hotness” at my souther region and it’s not the front part! super unpleasant for my poor “si fat long” (cantonese for arsehole) ok!! besides that, i haven’t studied anything for my second exam on Tuesday!!! doom doom doom.. BUT wheeee…

pps: pics on karaoke nite will be uploaded eventually in facebook or somewhere.. but video clips ARE  definitely going on Youtube!!!

pps: d karaoke pic above was taken from google images..


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  1. Tofuskin Beauty said,

    Dont you dare Youtube them. Anyway send me the videos lar, I wanna watch it. Admire myself. Fall in love with myself.

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