study plan gone awry.. again!!

October 23, 2008 at 1:53 am (musing, studies) (, , )

MAN. study plan was the worse! i didn’t follow ANY of it and i have YET to complete a single module! Can you believe that i woke up about 11ish, had my bathe, breakfast or more like brunch, surf the net for a bit and proceeded to browse through module 1 and promptly fell asleep from 1sth pm til 5sth pm!!! yeah, and for that, adding to my expanding tummy, waist, hips and thighs!!! =(

and well, seeing how it is that it’s late and i can only do so much… let me digress for a bit…

i came across JADE zheng’s blog (i tot she’s cindy??).. anyways, if you guys don’t know or have never heard of her before, she is the winner of Malaysia’s Dreamgirl 2008! and if you’re still giving me that blur blur look.. go hang yourself and get a life google it or check out her blog! =p

ok ok. back to JADE. well, she’s giving out 30 free tix to Madagascar 2 and that means only 15 bloggers will BE lucky BUT as per her update at 12sth on monday, she has 3 spots left.. so, whoever who is interested, hurry!! check out her blog. All u have to do is blog about what animal would you love your bf/gf to be.. in BED!

ermm… what KIND of question is that?? *hehe* i can envision my mum shaking her head disapprovingly… =)

well, now now.. don’t get all excited.

For the perves, you can take it in the sexual context or for the “innocent and pure of heart”, you can think of it differently.. though nowadays, sexual innuendos are highly overrated… movies, series, books, anything you read online and even jokes with friends, colleagues etc are filled with sexual innuendos.. i mean, come on la.. i m sure that’s not the ONLY interesting thing one has to talk about rite???!!

hey.. dun think of me as a prude.. i’ll have u know that ppl in general have said that good girls are actually more wild than wild girls.. haha.. now, if only someone could testify to that! =)

anyways, back to free Madagascar 2 movie tix… I HOPE THAT THERE ARE STILL SOME FREE TIX!!!

so, eeeeniiieeee.. meeeniieeee.. mynieee…. mo! what animal should my bf be??? tough one… hmmmmm…

i guess it would definitely have to be a dog!! why???!!! u know what ppl say how cats treat their owners like slaves/servants (no offense to all you feline lovers ya!!) but… EVERYONE knows that dogs ARE man’s best friend!! my bf is my boyfriend and also my bestest friend! and i loooooove doggies… especially german shepherds and golden retrievers!! they’re so BIG and huggable!! hence, my choice would naturally be a d-o-g!

i can SOOO imagine him rite now… all furry and cuddly (ok, he is so going to be offended that i ve liken him to a doggie =p)… perferbly not a maltese, chi hua hua or shihtzus kind of dog cos they’re so tiny and yappy… (once again.. no offense to the maltese, chi hua hua and shihtzu fans). Dogs shower you with their love and adoration by drowning your face with their salivas.. they’re also so playful and cheeky and definitely L-O-Y-A-L… then again, those are for the well trained dogs (unlike my dog, Patches who always runs out sneakily)

so, there you have it… compile all those traits listed in green and bolded and put him in BED.. what do you think you’ll get?? *winks*

madagascar 2

madagascar 2


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  1. Jade Zheng said,

    you’re selected gurl! thanks for participating. am very excited to see u n ur doggie partner! email me @ IF u haven’t. c ya & study smart! ;)))

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