winning is such a nice feeling…

October 23, 2008 at 2:09 pm (musing) (, , , )

i won 2 free tix to the nuffnang premiere screening of Madagascar 2 courtesy of… JADE ZHENG!!! OK.. am a little miffed that she spelt my name WRONGLY!! it’s Esther with a “H” after the “T” and before “E” not the ESTER (bahan lemak.. i think??) we learned in secondary school. But all is forgiven since i m getting free tix.. cannot complain too much rite?

whoopiiee…. happy… ladadiiieee….

throws my notes in the air as who cares about cpa exams and skips around the room…. wheeee…

ok ok.. it’s back to sleeping studying. The feeling of winning sth is super exciting ok since i hardly win ANYTHING despite joining countless giant competitions and other competitions… When i was young, i would join all the newspaper competition etc.. but not receive any reply saying i had won…

but now i have…. wheee once again….

now the headache is “who to take with me to the screening???” if my bf was here, of course he would be my lucky partner since it was due to him that i won the tix!! nyek nyek..

but seeing that he isn’t here.. hmmm.. AND since it’ll be ON my SIS’s bday, she’ll be my lucky partner for the nite! although there are so many other ppl i also want to ask!!! =) sorry sorry!!! if i had more tix.. i would definitely have asked u (Ngee)… and u (Wen)… and u… and YOU!!! …. and you… and you… and… 



  1. EVo said,

    Heyy u won tickets too!hehe see u on the 4th!i hope u won’t be ‘skipping around the room’ that time lol..

  2. goingkookies said,


    haha… hopefully i can contain my excitement!!
    yup..congrats to u too btw!!

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