no update on studies as…

October 14, 2008 at 11:04 pm (musing, studies) (, )

i haven’t touched my study material at all since ytd 5sth pm!

man. after not studying for a year and being thoroughly demotivated at work, somehow, it’s a struggle to bring myelf to the study table and read even a line or two.

my mind just wanders off to all the movies and tv series i want to watch, the places i want to go, the things i want to do before my study break ends and MAINLY before i go back to work.

i’ve been trying to think right… to think positively but somehow i lapse once in awhile and keep seeing the glass as half empty insted of half full. curious if this is to be a forever future me and i hope not cos i want to be a good mother and a good influence to my children in future and i definitely dun want them to ever be even 10% of the current negative me!

so, guess that means i got to buck up n push myself to go and study now even if it is late! and to remember to count my blessings and name them one by one..



THANKFUL LIST for the day

to-be-thankful-for no.1: i managed to meet up with ms. tofuskin who was bimbotic as ever! =p and also ms. mimi!

to-be-thankful-for no.2 : i have a car to drive (trying hard not to add any despites and buts…)

to-be-thankful-for no.3 : i can drive my manual car!!

btw, did u guys enjoyed the song “aku dan dirimu” that i posted before this post? well, i did and i ve been listening to it over and over probably about 10-15times and i m NOT exaggerating! despite me being a selective racist, i still like the song!!

r u curious wat is a “selective racist“? *hehe* maybe i’ll explain in my next post. =p

then again, maybe i won’t cos i dun think i m ready to be Raja Petra’s prisonmate just yet!



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