study plans that never works!!

October 12, 2008 at 11:32 pm (studies) (, , )



Everytime before an exam, i would make a study plan.

Firstly, i would draw a calender, write down the days and date, jot down the exam date and what modules i plan to complete everyday. And EVERYTIME, i have to remind myself not to be too ambitious and to be realistic in my study plan ie one module a day or two is the max.

The thing is, if i had really followed my study plan each and everytime, there would be plenty of time to do a thorough study and a module a day. Unfortunately, i will procrastinate telling myself i will do it tmr and when tmr comes, i’d say to myself again that i will really do it tmr and for real this time and MAN, i’ve been saying tmr and tmr and tmr and it’s already ONE WEEK and i have hardly studied! and that means i have to stuy 2-3 modules a day!!!


so, i have 12 days left to my first paper and i can’t procrastinate anymore hence, tmr (see??!! i m doing it again!!!) i really have to be serious in my studies but i can foresee that sticking to my plan is going to be hard cos the study material is oh-so-SUPER-SERIOUSLY-BORING!!! and my mental preparation is wrong to begin with!! *haha*

Anyways.. shall update u all on my progress and i hope i will have good news!! GAMBATEH to all u who are rushing to finish assignments and studying for exams too!! ALL D BEST and remember…


btw, i ve had 2 marriage proposals this week!! wheeee… but funny part is, it’s not from my bf!!

marriage proposal 1: ni ni proposed to me thru the phone while i was chatting with my bf.. haha.. cos i m so sweet n nice n she’s so cute and sweet!!!

marriage proposal 2: was chatting online with my ex-colleague in aussie and he seemed to be in a bad mood and was trying to cheer him up and he said if my bf ever dumps me, he will ask me to marry him.. *haha* that’s assuring… hmmmm….


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  1. Tofuskin Beauty said,

    ohhhh… scandalous with darryl or aaron!?!?!

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