time is of essence

October 8, 2008 at 1:47 pm (musing) (, )

sigh. ok. it’s 1.40pm. so much to do but so little time… at least, i have to do no.1 to 5 today.

(updated at 3.45pm and at 12.23am)

1) amend minutes and email it to senior although i don’t see why i should

done.. and emailed.. hopefully he doesn’t ask me anything else.. if not….

2) read up on mod3 and part mod4 of corporate governance.. *yawn yawn* i rather be watching show or series…

darn it.. i haven’t started yet and it’s close to 4pm!!! will start soon.. i hope??!!

3) threading perhaps about7ish and do some photocopying… gotta look my best u know.. or at least my eye brows that have strays all over..

done!!! and it’s the thinnest eyebrow ever!

4) post a card.. why doesn’t anyone send me a card?? even those that have promised.. =p

did it on my way home.. wheeee… now, if only if there was a card for me =/

5) buy a good collar for my doggie and bathe her.. poor thing. she’s all smelly and scaggly and currently looking like a wild doggie.. then again, fits into my front house aka jungle!

bought one. but dunno how lasting it’ll be..

6) facial and wanna do sth with my hair… hate my big pores!! and dull hair?

7) exercise!!! lose weight!!! gotta get ready for annual dinner.. if i do go and of course, to feel better about myself. yeah.. mostly it’s that!

8 ) return books!!! and borrow more!!! loooove reading!!

whoopppieee.. and borrowed 3 more!

9) go holidaying or a trip somewhere…. anyone wanna go bangkok.. climb mt kinabalu or any other suggestions??

10) sleep and never wake up!!! then i dun have to do so many things or worry or stress or panic or just even think!!! =p *hehe*

prolly do no. 3, 4, 5 and 8 together later about 6ish pm onwards. bleh…

did no.3, 4, 5 and 8. Now, i wish i could just do no.10!!!!


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