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It’s been awhile since i last blogged. Well, i guess u can say i m in better spirits though my “aunty” is due to arrive in town anytime soon. Anyhow maybe it’s due to the fact that i’ll be on study leave soon! Actually, my leave has started, just that i have training next mon and tues.


my senior asked me to come back on wednesday to go to client’s warehouse to do our controls testing which i sort of feel that i m not needed but who i m to argue, RITE?



breaking dawn

breaking dawn

Besides that, currently i have nothing to read as i’ve finished reading  “eclipse” and “breaking dawn” last week itself. i think that stephenie meyer is a genius to come up with such an idea for a book. Now, if only i could come up with my own. Ni Ni and i felt bereft.. empty.. after we finished our book marathon. The Twilight sagas  were SO addictive that we just couldn’t seem to put it down, not even to pee or sleep… and u just want to keep reading on to know what will happen next! and the triangle relathionship with Bella, Edward and Jacob. My bf even even hid Ni Ni’s books to prevent her from reading cos that was all she seemed to do.. read, read, read and read and nothing else! *haha* It’s a good thing she was NOT that addicted.. or who knows where he’ll be rite now?? *hehe*

eagle eye

eagle eye

Anyways, last nite, i watched “eagle eye” with my so-called-once-upon-a-time close bro. Initially, the beginning part of the show was a little bit slow and partially due to it being a midnite movie, i was a little bit sleepy but as the story progress, it was pretty alrite. The plot, of course is somewhat predictible though and full of actions.

singing is good for d soul

singing is good for d soul

On to other things, today went karaoke-ing with my friend. Somehow, with her, i don’t seem to have any inhibitations or self-consciousness. I hope she enjoyed herself as much as i did. Couldn’t believe how the 2 hours really just whizzed past us and now i m home. i mostly sang old school songs by 98degrees etc as i m not in touch with the latest ones. Plus, Neway’s range of songs aren’t as comparable to Redbox’s.

I might be going for another round later with my so-called-once-upon-a-time close bro and dinner tonite at The Ship at D’sara Uptown to celebrate my bf’s dad’s 60th bday although my bf’s not around. hmmmm… i hope it won’t be so awkward!

sleeeppy… might doze off or watch csi season 8…


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  1. shuyii said,

    teehee! and the fren u were mentioning about going for karaoke- i reckon thats wen? 😛
    how’d u guys enjoyed it ? 🙂 😉 soRRies i couldnt join u guys,d own with diarrhoea and what nots, was tuesday’s lunch at midvalley (vow not to go back to the chicken rice stall d) gRRR!!!

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