retail therapy almost ALWAYS works!

September 18, 2008 at 12:08 am (musing) ()

i’ve been feeling somewhat down lately and it doesn’t feel as if i have anyone to share or confide in besides bf. then again, it’s not something i can just bare my soul about. last time, i had my childhood friend, my petbro, my bf’s uni mate etc. but now…

my childhood friend somehow doesn’t want to be my friend anymore or doesn’t keep in touch or sth along those lines, my bro is in his own la la world of privacy and keeps saying that he will tell me whatever it is that he wants to tell me someday but that’s like ancient years ago punya story and my bf’s uni mate has a gf and is currently overseas working… and i understand when guys have gfs, things change.

so, there. on to other matters, i don’t know if i m pms-ing or being sensitive or what… but i thought that i meant more to certain people that i’ve known for a few years but based on the decisions and the things that they have said, i guess not. it’s time to move on. no point hanging on to something that’s not even there, rite? then again, if only my head can convince my heart that.

however, being down-ish and all, i went to Borders at Curve and Vinci at Ikano for some retail therapy!

1) getting a good book to read.. or sth to keep me occupied is a M-U-S-T!! a friend has read the below book and also another friend blogged about it. I, too read part of it and so, i bought the book. giving it a go. =)

twilight @ RM35.50
twilight @ RM35.50

2) haven’t indulged in starbucks’ frapuccino in ages… hence, despite feeling frumpy and unattractive(what’s new??)… after buying my book from borders, i walked over to starbucks! and the sinful temptation cost me RM14.20 for just the small size with whipped cream (and i here i am always complaining why i can’t seem to lose weight!) *hehe*

frappucino java chips @ starbucks
frappucino java chips @ starbucks

3) bought a pair of working shoes at Vinci. After discount, it was RM60.. which isn’t really that cheap.

4) bought 3 wrapping papers and 4 meters of ribbon and totalled to RM21!! that’s crazy rite? tell me about it. i was so dumb k. i just told the shopguy how many meters of which ribbon i wanted without asking him first and only after he had cut it did it occur to me to ask. A meter of the ribbon was RM3/RM3.50. Such craziness!

and then i headed home. going to read my novel now!! wheeee…..

TOTAL DAMAGE = approx RM130 spent in just an hour!! *gosh*

but i guess in away it was worth it as i do feel a little bit cheered up!! =)

*sigh* wish tmr won’t come.

dread going to work. it’s been so long that i’ve been stuck in this position. wonder when things will change.


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