omg!! so excited of d possibility!!! and i hope it becomes a reality!!

September 11, 2008 at 10:01 pm (feelings) ()

SO excited!!

SO excited!!


“omg!! so excited of d possibility!!! and i hope it becomes a reality!!” was my gmail nick and yesterday until now and i had 2 friends who left me a msg asking what was d “possibility”???

Another friend (who is sooooo cute) called me just to ask what was i excited about and  she said it got her excited too as i never am excited about anything.

…… “-_-“ ……… *sweat betul*

i feel insulted!! cos it appears that i m never excited! *pfffft*  then again, NOT!!! *haha*

So, let me share with you what the possibility is or rather was all about. My bf called me yesterday and said that his mum asked if he would like to come back to Malaysia during his mid sem break which will be end sept/early oct for his dad’s bday and I think his mum misses him too as she’s not seen him in more than a year! When he told me about it, I was freaking excited despite knowing that it’s JUST a possibility.

However, that nincompoop (this is said with love) didn’t seem too keen about it and he said that if he does come back this round, then he won’t come back end of the year. Seriously, he killed all my excitement and pissed me off a little. However, i understand his hesitation due to assignments and what not.

So, yeah… guess it’s time to change nick to =(

Knew that it was too true to be good… as usual

story of my life….


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