and the drama ends… or does it?

September 11, 2008 at 10:52 pm (politics) ()

and so, finally Ahmad Ismail (aka Mr. Ah MAD in kennysia’s blog) apologised.

WAIT-A-MINUTE… he didn’t… did he?

NOPE. He didn’t. Up to date, he still refuses to retract his “intelligent” remarks and apologise. However, UMNO has suspended and stripped him of his post for 3 years as reported in The Star online today. I guess taking an action than no action is better.  

He on the other hand may have accepted the decision as “God’s will” but promises to make a comeback as reported in The Star today.

“In politics there are leaders and fighters. As a fighter, there are sacrifices and risks. If you are afraid of the ocean waves, don’t build your house on the beach.

“Being struck by waves is normal but this time it was a tsunami (that hit me).

“But I have a long time, three years, to build a stronger house. I will build it on the same site. I will stay on with Umno, my party,”.

Hence, the drama is to be continued…

Curtesy of kennysia

Curtesy of kennysia

Kennysia has portrayed the whole debacle or rather drama in cartoon version AND somehow, only Kennysia would come up with something like this…

kennysia the cartoonist

kennysia the cartoonist


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