no one gives a damn, y do i?

September 1, 2008 at 1:17 am (feelings) ()

she stared at the blade as she sliced the shoe box by the cupboard. the blade was sharp and had sliced through the box. for a micro mini second the morbid thought of what if” the blade sliced through a vein on a wrist flutters past.

“would there be lots of blood?”

“would there be pain?”

“how long til life will seep out completely?”

“is the soul then damned to hell for eternity?”

“why don’t i have the guts to do it?”

then again, maybe it wasn’t for a micro mini second.

thank you for making me mad, for the tears that won’t stop and lastly for the hurt and the pain and a broken heart that has been glued back one too many times and there will come a time when it can’t be mended anymore. kudos and thank you for your “love”.


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