August 30, 2008 at 1:27 am (feelings) ()

ok.. this isn’t going to be a sad or depressing or a ranty entry.. for once eh? *hehe* but more of a-be-thankful-for-what-i-have kind of entry.

just came back from a dinner/yam cha session with my two girlfriends. i always feel happier/light hearted after chatting up a storm with these 2 gals cos one is just sooo cute and makes funny comments (Ms. Cute) and the other is ever sweet and such a listener!!Henceforth known as Ms. Sweet! 

we were supposed to actually meet up at greenwood at SS2 which was our previous favourite haunt but due to the crazy jams on the road almost everywhere or so it seemed and other factors, we changed our venue to where niu che shui is, somewhere near the kelana jaya depot. We decided on a cafe like place called Station 1. The surroundings was alrite with a stage for live bands but the menu was rather lackluster especially the appetisers/finger food dept!

anyways, witty companions and funny conversation are what that matteres most at the end of the day. it’s been awhile since we 3 last met and we had soooo much to catch up on even rite up to ms. cute’s house. we were sitting outside of her house in ms. sweet’s suave black myvi for close to an hour just chatting. ok. ok. i know it’s not safe to do just that but time just literally flew past us.

ms. cute forever never ceases to amuse us with her “innocent” like questions and comments! i was just telling them both that my new house number is going to be no. 69 and  ms. sweet was giving me a one kind look and asked if i knew what that number meant and i said yeah that it was a sex position. She was saying that she just found out what it meant etc and i was just saying there are lots of positions and missionary is the common one whereby the guy is on top and the girl is underneath lying on the bed which we mostly see on tv before they censore it.

And she said,”why is it called missionary?? is it because the guy is on a mission???!!”

ms. sweet and i stared at each other blankly for several seconds and burst out laughing! never thought of it that way! ok. it sounded funny when she said it!

well, friends like these are treasures for keeps! u can joke all day long, poke fun at each other, ask sensitive questions that may seem personal but among us.. what is personal eh? and for that, one thing i m grateful for is these 2 friends!

i m starting to realise that there are a few things i will miss if i do go to Aussie for good and these 2 galpals are definitely on the list!!



ps: pics were taken from google image cos i tot better to preserve my friend’s identity! hehe.  haven’t asked their permission yet if i could blog their pics mar…


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