online purchase gone awry

August 6, 2008 at 9:40 pm (feelings) ()

ok. i love to browse through online boutiques to see the current fashion and how much people are willing to pay for clothes etc. and of course, to see if there are any clothes that meet my fancy… and i had a briefest tot to start my own online boutique.. but that’s a story for another day.

While i was in brisbane during my hols, i came across Then, i think they had just started this online boutique business and i was rather interested in a particular top that was going for a reasonable price. Hence, i emailed and went about my purchase. I made my payment and til now have not receive anything at all! i emailed back that person but no response and their website has already been removed. here’s the chronology of the distasteful events:

july 12: emailed to inform my interest in the said blouse.

july 13: there was a reply informing me to proceed with payment to a Chuah Chong Yit, maybank a/c no. 164445024565 of RM37.

july 16: i made my payment to the said account and requested for the purchase to be sent to my house in which the postage was included in the RM37 that i ve already paid.

july 28: as there were no replies and no purchase delivered, i re-emailed asking about the purchase etc and til now, no reply.

from july 13 til now, it’s been 24 days.

So, if anyone knows a CHUAH CHONG YIT, please ask her to REIMBURSE my money if she is not sending me the purchase and by right, she should appease my disgruntledness with a free top or anything of my choice or money would be great.. maybe an air ticket to brisbane in dec would be the best! 

If there was a problem etc, she should have informed me and also reimburse my money. Not me, going to the website and finding it’s no longer available and emailing requesting when my item will be delivered etc and being duped.

Seriously, CHUAH CHONG YIT should do something about this. It is really distasteful and a lousy way of doing business and giving bad impressions to other online buyers out there! maybe someone would know how to hack into her maybank a/c and help me retrieve back my money!

I just want my money back. yeah, it may not be hundreds or thousands, but it’s still my money ok. Money i have to work for despite disliking my job. So, it’s really even more bitter for me that some people can just scam my RM37 just like that. Sheesh. Have some sense of responsibility and integrity.

I really hope that I will get back my money and if i do ever come across this CHUAH CHONG YIT, she had better right the wrong she has done by then.

I mean, for crying out loud… karma is a bitch! that’s if you do believe in karma.

in other words, if you don’t… do unto others what you want others to do unto you!


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