are they or are they not?

August 3, 2008 at 5:14 pm (musing) ()

we always see and hear about chun chick bloggers. but where are the charming and suave guy bloggers then? *hehe* my bf will probably skin me alive for wanting to know about hot guy bloggers. so, let’s just stick to chun-female-bloggers.

basically, are they chun? or are they not? are there more to their “looks” or is it basically, just it?

1. let’s start with the ever-so-famous dawn yang

am i pretty??

am i pretty??

Most ppl who have heard about her probably knows about the controversy surrounding her regarding as to whether she had surgeries or not and also about the legal debacle against xiaxue, yet another so-called-chun chick blogger. At the end of the day, she knows the truth and people who knew her from when she was a little baby til now. And as for the truth surrounding that issue, it will always be a topic widely discussed cos as we all know, ppl of today thrive on scandals and gossips!

Anyway, Dawn is a singaporean who’s had a few accomplishments (go read her site if you wanna know more). I was reading her more recent entries and came across about the whitening of her tooth and well, let’s just say, not everyone looks good smiling with their white pearlies. (hey, i m not dissing her ok, it’s a fact! see the pic below and judge for yourself!)

no teeth please...

no teeth please...

suffice to say, i think she smiles better without showing her teeth!

but i don’t really get much from her blog as it’s mostly about her social outings which is rather a lot on clubbing scenes. She does blog on other stuff, i guess.

 2. her nemesis, xia xue aka wendy

i m so chio!

i m so chio!

She is yet another singaporean blogger famous for her “interesting” and mostly not-so-tactful-comments and of course for her nose surgery which she at least acknowledges. Well, some of her entries can be pretty interesting but then again, some can come across as crude. She is not shy to advertise herself which can be good or maybe not, depending on one’s perception.

 3. and moving on… miss malaysia 2008- miss su lin!

oozing with elegance!

oozing with elegance!

Her blog is mainly about her being in the miss universe 2008 pageant and a bit about the other contestants. Hence, we’ve yet to see her true personality and character. However, i realised, she tends to smile rather catlike-ish and also her mouth tends to senget to one side. But all in all, being in such a pageant is definitely no easy feat and she’s only going to be 21years old in october!

So kudos to you!

 4. and of course, miss Su Ann aka Pinkpau

sweet and cute

sweet and cute

She’s only 19, has a bf by the name of Martian and is soon heading off for Columbia to one of the Ivy Leagues. Her blog entries are witty, insightful, deep and meaningful and utterly non bimbotic in any sense! and she sounds like an extremely delightful person!

Some may say she falls under the cute category and yet some may say she’s pretty/sexy but whatever it is, there’s something about her that attracts. Perhaps it’s her bubbliness, her honesty but then hey, who am i to say anything when all i know about her are through her blog entries.

But for what it’s worth, i wish her well in her future undertakings at Columbia and her LDR with Martian. =) Then again, she probably won’t read this as this blog is pretty much a quiet blog whereby not many ppl know about this blog. But anyhow, ALL THE BEST!

 5. Daphne Iking

elegance and grace

elegance and grace

She’s a mother, model, emcee, host for Ringgit Sense and then host of Explorace for 2 years, Breakfast show and the list goes on. If we could only all accomplish so much and still be so beautiful! Just came across her blog recently and I like the way she blogs. There are serious entries and light but heartfelt ones. Sometimes, you can take away with you a little saying or wise words.

Anyways, that’s about all for now. Am tired searching for somemore chun chick bloggers to blog about. Making me feel more inferior. *haha* I guess at the end of the day, beauty IS in the eyes of the beholder. I asked around and some guys/girls think that Dawn is pretty and there are some who think otherwise, that she doesn’t look so natural. Then again, beauty on the surface seem to trump beauty that’s deep within. This comes to show what society is about nowadays.

We worship and idolise hollywood celebrities who sets the trend may it be fashion, broken-up marriages, drug abuse, one night stands, sexual preferences that aren’t so biblical, extreme diet measures and the list goes on when they are only normal humans like us. Just that they’re funded by the money we pay to follow those trends so that they can look good and well, waste their life away.

Thinking about it, it’s rather sad that they have no privacy whatsoever and that as parents, they “sell” their babies’ pictures to the highest bidder! Come on, if you’re proud parents, you just want to shout out to the world and share your joy with the world, not exploit your so called joy in exchange for some millions that you can just throw away on more private jets, crazy parties, drug abuse or whatever that is definitely not beneficial to mankind in general. If all celebrities just donate at least 1Million for the poor and underprivilege and ensure that the right people are getting the money, the world would be a better place. Instead, the money is just for them to waste it on themselves doing silly things and for the paparazzis to have a field day!

Anyways, at the end of the day, it’s we choose who we want to be. So, you can either present yourselves as bimbos or you can present yourself to be a person of grace and elegance. In everything, there is the good and the bad. Well i guess you can say that Dawn and Xiaxue aren’t afraid to voice out their thoughts even if it appears to be bimbotic but somtimes, when we don’t give a care for what society thinks, then we stop taking care of what we say and what we think.

In a world without order, if people don’t abide by rules or social ettiquettes, it’s just like letting Joker loose in the world and asking for chaos and destruction!

 ps: all pics were taken from the individual’s blogs.


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