it’s time to say goodbye… again…

July 27, 2008 at 1:48 am (goodbyes) ()




– i don’t want to part with you

– i hate work!!

– i don’t feel like i fit in. hence, always feel left out

– ppl have their cliques, own personal/private jokes, own agendas

– i m just a plain jane

i have a feeling that my blog will be back to be depressing as i’ll be leaving back for hellhole with a sucky job, with no friends (or it feels that way), no more hugs and kisses, no more couply stuff and once again… famaily obligations! it’s not that i have a prob with it but it would be so much better if everyone chipped in and do their part no matter how small the contribution is..

If only we had won the AUD50million jackpot or even just a part of it or AUD10mil or even AUD1mil would have made not just my day but my life! Seriously, if i had/won AUD50mil, i would give it to my friends who have been there for me and who financially need it or their circumstances aren’t too good but once again, it appears to only be a fools’ dream.

and i m but a fool… or at least i would like to think so!


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