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July 24, 2008 at 11:13 am (musing) ()

It would seem that I am not so regular in my blogging anymore. It’s like I have things I want to say but somehow I either don’t have the time to blog or when I do, I can’t seem to find the words to type.

It would be nice if I could be an accomplish blogger like the ever witty and smart Pinkpau, typical and somewhat amusing Kennysia but I guess they didn’t blog for the purpose of becoming famous and all but just for the pure delight of writing.

Me? I like to write but my entries tend to be groaning and moaning about work and how I dread it and how I hate it etc. and tends to be depressive entries as per my siblings. Well, at least for the past 11days, everyday feels like a Saturday/Sunday where I can just relax, sleep in, wake up late, go to the malls, just walk, cook, read my novels and be with my bf.

But in 11days time, it’s back to sucky work. I really wished that there was something that I could do to delay the inevitable. Wouldn’t it be just amazingly great if my bf wins the AUD40million jackpot??? Just give me AUD5mil or even AUD1million and I will be a happy camper!! Half of me just scoffs at this fanciful wish/dream and the other half can’t help but foolishly wish that it will materialize. *fingers crossed*

With the money, I can:
1. buy a house for my family
2. quit my job and start my own business
3. or pursue a course that I desire ie designing
4. be with my bf who would probably proposed if we had the money

but who hasn’t had this wish that they had strike the 1million dollar jackport?

I was calculating, I earn on average RM20 and that’s not even factoring the OT hours I put it. If I were to work part time in Australia that pays me AUD20 an hour, it will be more worth it as it’ll definitely beat auditing ANYDAY and definitely less stress and consider after the exchange rate conversion!!

Anyhow, during my last hols here last year and this round, I’ve come to admire or rather can’t help but love Australia as:

1. Toilets are clean, dry and ALWAYS stocked with tissue paper!!
I am not just talking about the suburbs (small towns) but even in the city unlike toilets in Malaysia. Malaysia is probably famous for its dirty toilets on top of piracy concerns and ludicrous, political debacle and its so-called-MPs. Toilets are forever atrociously disgusting what with wet floored-stinky-urine-smells, lack of tissue paper and yucky-stepped on toilet seats which makes one wonder how can people not know how to use the bathroom. Hmmmm…

2. People are just warm and courteous!
– anyone and everyone or most people will say “thank you”s to the bus driver when they get off at their stop.
– when one goes shopping may it be a clothes retail shop or eatery, one is greeted with a “good day”, “how are you today?”, “hello there” and so on and so forth. How unlike cashiers in Malaysia who’ll just show a sulky, pissed off look all the time! Ok. Ok. Most times!

3. Sales/ Specials/ Good bargains!
I just luuurrrrvvveee the specials here. At Coles, Woolworths or Big W (which is like Malaysia’s Tesco and Giant), the are constantly offering good bargains or specials ie Tim Tam normally costs about AUD3-4 per single pack and sometimes with offer, it could be AUD1.99 or sometimes less wherelse it costs RM10 in Malaysia with no specials!

Anyways, the above was typed last wed while i was at Nandos at Clayfield waiting for my bf to finish work as he missed me and didn’t want to be apart. *hehe* I will try to include some pics in the next few posts.

Til then, adieu!


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