wanna sleeep!!

June 12, 2008 at 1:16 am (feelings) ()


this is just total madness. 12.47am. just got back from work. had my shower. now having my dinner and continuing work. who on earth works like that?? and at my age??!!!

hence, the ageing look on me! which also pretty much explains the panda eye bags, pimples mushrooming all over my face (ok, that was a little exageration), bushy eye brows (no time for threading or plucking) and so on and so forth. not that i am a looker to begin with. this just further downgrade me. =(

hehe. ever the drama princess…

anyways, apparently it would seem that i ve missed out on a few “celebrity bloggers” in my previous post… so, here’s a few to mention…

Ringo– one of the Malaysia Dream Girls contestant.

Teenage Lolita– a college or i think uni girl who sells her “ahem” for $$$.

stickgal– pretty interesting blog whereby the blogger uses a pic in the form of stick gal to express her thoughts.

kinky blue fairy– she’s quite a well known blogger famous for her shocking pink hair! =)

and of course.. last but not least.. for now..

is my bf’s friend aka mr hong zi qiang who unabashedly pointed out that i forgot to mention him under the category of celebrity bloggers whom i wish to emulate.. i am rather impressed with the pictures he’s lovely ms nikkon (hong, don’t get pissed if i said it wrongly ya.) is able to capture and of course, we must give credit that is due to the expert “snapping” skills of the photographer- the blogger himself.

Met this dude last Octover through my bf whilst in Brisbane taking my stupid CPA exam. Pretty straightforward, no-nonsense type of guy and also a true  Singaporean! He was practically oozing with kiasuness (hokkien for scared to lose) and kiasiness(hokkien for scared to die).

*haha* KIDDING-la!!!

He’s a rather sharp and considerate dude except his swearing but that’s to be expected of guys nowadays and even girls, sadly. Anyhow, I told my bf, i rather he be kiasu then be a slacker anytime.

Do you know why? Well, let me enlighten you.

Basically, a person who’s scared to lose or be left behind will always try to be either one step ahead or think of ways and methods to be one step ahead. To be the ultimate survivor in our dog-eat-dog world! and this group of people actually are the ones that will be or am already succesful!

So, everyone who wants to be successful in life should adopt this motto, “Be Kiasu OR die trying!!”

*haha* corny, i know. that’s me, unfortunately.

toodles. gotta get back to work.

sniff sniff ='(


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