utter sien-ness

June 9, 2008 at 10:43 pm (feelings) ()

in all honesty, i am rather fed up with work.

i hate it. i feel like i suck at it.

am just so tired of having no time to have a life and there simply just isn’t any passion and if i were to lose this job, there won’t be any love lost!!

somehow, if by chance, any of my seniors, managers etc were to read this post, they would probably shake their head in disappointment and disdain at me. i wonder what my next increment or bonus will be like.

that’s if i even get any.


however, i ve decided to reward myself tonite by taking a break to read a novel and just perhaps, after this “reward”, i will be able to summon up my discipline and will power to stay back after training tomorrow to get my work done.

fingers crossed


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